2nd Internet of Things India expo 2018

IoT India Expo is a premier technology platform that will encompass IoT innovations in the field of smart cities, wearables, design applications, enablers, industrial IoT, data analytics and many other disruptive technologies for enterprises. It is a networking event for entire ecosystem including industry, researcher, government, investors and....more

IoT India
IoT India

Eminent Speakers 2017View all

  • Aamer Azeemi
    Aamer Azeemi
    Independent Director
  • Abhimanyu Bhosale
    Abhimanyu Bhosale
  • Akhil Minocha
    Akhil Minocha
    Vice President-Asia Pacific and Japan
  • Akshay Sehgal
    Akshay Sehgal
    Business Lead - North
  • Arun Karna
    Arun Karna
    Managing Director
  • Arun Bhati
    Arun Bhati
  • ASR  Rao
    ASR Rao
    Head- Operational Assistance (Steel making)
  • Benoy  CS
    Benoy CS
    Director, Digital Transformation Practice (ICT)
  • BVR Mohan Reddy
    BVR Mohan Reddy
  • CA Himanshu Kimar
    CA Himanshu Kimar
  • Damodar Sahu
    Damodar Sahu
  • Dilip Chenoy
    Dilip Chenoy
    Management Advisor
  • Dinesh Chand  Sharma
    Dinesh Chand Sharma
    Director – Standards & Public Policy
  • Diwakar Singhal
    Diwakar Singhal
    Senior Vice president (SVP) and Client Partner
  • Dr. Amit  Shekhar
    Dr. Amit Shekhar
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Anirban Mukherjee
    Dr. Anirban Mukherjee
  • Dr. Dhruva Nath
    Dr. Dhruva Nath
    Professor and Chairman (Information Management Area)
  • Dr. Lalit Singh
    Dr. Lalit Singh
    Director, Content & Product Strategy
  • Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar
    Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar
  • Gururaj Padaki
    Gururaj Padaki
  • Hari Om Rai
    Hari Om Rai
    Chairman and Managing Director
  • Jagdish Harsh
    Jagdish Harsh
  • James Elford
    James Elford
    Customer Market Development Manager
  • Juergen Hase
    Juergen Hase
  • Kunjan Gandhi
    Kunjan Gandhi
    Founder & Managing Partner
  • Manu Tayal
    Manu Tayal
    General Manager
  • Maor Efrati
    Maor Efrati
    Solutions Architect
  • Narasimhan Venkatesh
    Narasimhan Venkatesh
    Sr. Vice President-Advanced Technologies
  • Narendra K  Saini
    Narendra K Saini
    Consultant IoT, Digital Manufacturing, Thought Leader & Evangelist
  • Naveen Balani
    Naveen Balani
    IoT and Cognitive Leader
  • Neeraj Arora
    Neeraj Arora
    Partner and Leader, Digital Advisory Services
  • Neil Coomar
    Neil Coomar
    Founder and Managing Director
  • Pankaj Mohindroo
    Pankaj Mohindroo
  • PK Purwar
    PK Purwar
  • Pranshu Gupta
    Pranshu Gupta
    Founder & CEO
  • Prof. Ashutosh Sharma
    Prof. Ashutosh Sharma
  • Puneet Gupta
    Puneet Gupta
  • PVN  Pavan Kumar
    PVN Pavan Kumar
    Director - Product Management, IoT
  • Rakesh Trivedi
    Rakesh Trivedi
    Founding Partner
  • Ramnath Mani
    Ramnath Mani
    Managing Director
  • Ranjeet Koul
    Ranjeet Koul
    Regional Manager ISV (Asia Pacific & Japan)
  • Ravi Virmani
    Ravi Virmani
    Founder and Managing Director
  • Ravinder P. Singh
    Ravinder P. Singh
    Director-Strategic & Mega Business
  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood
    Senior Product Line Manager
  • Rohan Verma
    Rohan Verma
    Executive Director and CTO
  • Sanjay Gupta
    Sanjay Gupta
    Vice President and India Country Manager
  • Sanjay Kaul
    Sanjay Kaul
    Managing Director
  • Sanjay Biswal
    Sanjay Biswal
    Country Manager
  • Scott Larson
    Scott Larson
    CEO and Co-Founder
  • Shishir Gupta
    Shishir Gupta
  • Sirish Batchu
    Sirish Batchu
    Head - Infotronics Technology & Advance Electronics
  • Steve Christian
    Steve Christian
    Senior Vice President-Marketing
  • Suhas Bhide
    Suhas Bhide
    Director-Technology and Solutions
  • Sunil  Kumar
    Sunil Kumar
    Director (EB&HR)
  • Sushil Kumar
    Sushil Kumar
    DDG (IoT)
  • Swati Vyas
    Swati Vyas
  • T.V Ramachandran
    T.V Ramachandran
    Founder & CEO
  • Uttam Kumar
    Uttam Kumar
    Head - New Technologies Innovation & Incubation ( Mobile, Enterprise & Banking)
  • Vikas Sharma
    Vikas Sharma
    Country Director
  • Vikas Chauhan
    Vikas Chauhan
  • Vikas Aggarwal
    Vikas Aggarwal
    Executive Director - Advisory Markets
  • Vinay  Dua
    Vinay Dua
    Head of Business Development, Industry Solutions, Digital Transformation office

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IoT India

IoT India
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