3rd Internet of Things India expo 2019

3rd IoT India expo 2019 will focus on the fast growing IoT infrastructure in India and provide an opportunity for industry thought leaders and influencers to discuss the latest trends and disruptions impacting various industry verticals. Engineering, Automotive, Healthcare, Energy, Infrastructure, Supply Chain & Logistics, Agriculture and Banking are the fast adoption sector for the emerging technologies including IoT, AI, AR/VR, Robotics, Machine Learning & Blockchain.

The event has already grown to become the Indian Industry's source of IoT and emerging technologies to establish new partnership for ecosystem. The 2019 edition will continue to explore the latest innovation in IoT and innovations by brightest startups.

IoT India
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    Conference & Workshop
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    Conference Speakers
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    from 13 Countries

Glimpses of 2nd IoT India Expo

IoT India

Eminent Speakers 2018View all

  • Abhijit  Sarkar
    Abhijit Sarkar
    Mott MacDonald
  • Ajay  Gupta
    Ajay Gupta
    Ericsson India Pvt Ltd
  • Ajit Ashok  Shenvi
    Ajit Ashok Shenvi
    Philips Innovation Campus
  • Akash  Takyar
    Akash Takyar
  • Ali  Hosseini
    Ali Hosseini
    SenRa - a PAN India LoRaWAN operator
  • Alok Sinha
    Alok Sinha
    Globus Eight
  • Anil  Srivastava
    Anil Srivastava
    NITI Aayog
  • Ankit  Kothari
    Ankit Kothari
  • Anurag Seth
    Anurag Seth
    Tembusu ICT Fund
  • Ashim Sharma
    Ashim Sharma
    NRI (Nomura Research Institute) Consulting & Solutions
  • Ashvanni Srivastava
    Ashvanni Srivastava
    Sanohub Technologies
  • Atul Arya
    Atul Arya
  • Benoy  CS
    Benoy CS
    Frost & Sullivan
  • Bhavani Shankar
    Bhavani Shankar
    Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Bishwanath  Ganguly
    Bishwanath Ganguly
    Forever New | 3INA
  • Damodar  Sahu
    Damodar Sahu
    Wipro Limited
  • Danilar  Wu
    Danilar Wu
    EBN Technology Corp.
  • Dileep  Mangsuli
    Dileep Mangsuli
    John F. Welch Technology Centre.
  • Dinesh Chand  Sharma
    Dinesh Chand Sharma
    European Project SESEI
  • Diwakar  Singhal
    Diwakar Singhal
  • Dr H P  Kumar
    Dr H P Kumar
  • Dr Sushil  Chandra
    Dr Sushil Chandra
    Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences at DRDO
  • Dr. Jatinder Singh
    Dr. Jatinder Singh
    PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Dr. Neena Pahuja
    Dr. Neena Pahuja
    Education & Research Network (ERNET)
  • Dr. Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar
    Dr. Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar
    Aeris Communications, India
  • Farhana Haque
    Farhana Haque
    Vodafone India
  • Gaurav Dubey
    Gaurav Dubey
    ITH Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Gaurav Sareen
    Gaurav Sareen
  • Himanshu Rattan
    Himanshu Rattan
  • Hwai Lin  Khor
    Hwai Lin Khor
    Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  • Jaijit Bhattacharya
    Jaijit Bhattacharya
  • Jasmeet Saran
    Jasmeet Saran
  • Jatin Talreja
    Jatin Talreja
    Viaan Electronics
  • Jayant  Krishna
    Jayant Krishna
    National Skill Development Corporation
  • Jim Morrish
    Jim Morrish
    Nokia WING group
  • Mani Madhukar
    Mani Madhukar
    IBM India Pvt Ltd.
  • Marios  Georgiou
    Marios Georgiou
    Asclepius Medical
  • Mayur Wadhwani
    Mayur Wadhwani
  • Mohan Raju
    Mohan Raju
    Azuga Inc
  • Murali Rajagopalan
    Murali Rajagopalan
    Mobilogix Inc.
  • Narang n Kishor
    Narang n Kishor
    narnix technolabs pvt. Ltd.
  • Neeraj  Athalye
    Neeraj Athalye
    SAP Indian Subcontinent
  • Nikhil Gupta
    Nikhil Gupta
  • Ninad  Deshpande
    Ninad Deshpande
    B&R Industrial Automation
  • Pamela Kumar
    Pamela Kumar
    Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India
  • Paresh Patel
    Paresh Patel
    System Level Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pramod N  Uniyal
    Pramod N Uniyal
    Mobico Comodo Pvt Ltd
  • Pranshu  Gupta
    Pranshu Gupta
    Trak N Tell
  • Praveen Bhadada
    Praveen Bhadada
    Zinnov LLC (Leading IOT consultancy)
  • Raghuram Joshi
    Raghuram Joshi
    Bosch India
  • Rahul  Ganapathy
    Rahul Ganapathy
    Atsuya Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Raja  Shan
    Raja Shan
  • Raman Roy
    Raman Roy
  • Ranbir Saran Das
    Ranbir Saran Das
    Fairwood Consultants Pvt Ltd
  • Reenu Saluja
    Reenu Saluja
    Microsoft Corp India
  • Rishi  Garg
    Rishi Garg
    Bharti Airtel
  • Rohit Gupta
    Rohit Gupta
    OMR India Outsources Pt. Ltd
  • Rudradeb Mitra
    Rudradeb Mitra
    Google Developers
  • Sandy Mallik
    Sandy Mallik
  • Sanjay Gupta
    Sanjay Gupta
    NXP India
  • Satya Dash
    Satya Dash
    PATH India
  • Scottt Larson
    Scottt Larson
    Helios Wire
  • Shailendra Miglani
    Shailendra Miglani
    Microsoft Corporation
  • Shefali  Bansal
    Shefali Bansal
    IBM India Software Labs
  • Sivakumar Natarajan
    Sivakumar Natarajan
    Wipro Limited
  • Srinath  Nudurupati
    Srinath Nudurupati
    Inxee Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Srinivasan S
    Srinivasan S
  • Sudhanshu Mittal
    Sudhanshu Mittal
    NASSCOM Center of Excellence for IoT
  • Sumeet Verma
    Sumeet Verma
  • Sumit  Jain
    Sumit Jain
  • Sumit  Peer
    Sumit Peer
    Aurelius Corporate Solutions
  • Sunil K Chaturvedi
    Sunil K Chaturvedi
    Automotive Skills Development Council
  • Sushil  Kumar
    Sushil Kumar
    Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications,
  • Tajinder  Braha
    Tajinder Braha
    Firefly Networks Limited
  • V.K Singh
    V.K Singh
  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar
  • Vinay Solanki
    Vinay Solanki
    Aeris Communications
  • Vivek Singh
    Vivek Singh
    Innovant International
  • Yadullah  Abidi
    Yadullah Abidi

2018 Participants

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