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07-09 July 2020
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

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India's Acceleration in IoT  
India's Acceleration in IoT
The digital revolution wave is at an all-time high with Internet of Things increasingly becoming an essential component of all applications leading towards innovation and growth. IOT is a concept that not only affects how we work and function, but also how we lead our lives. The whole aspect of threading devices and lives together with network connectivity is the first step towards making the world a digitally connected global nest. The idea of a digital global nest has co-existence between mankind and technology. IoT scales up to city wide-initiatives with smart cities, smart transport, public connectivity and many more. This sudden boom in low cost computing brings benefits....

Your password is obsolete now  
Your password is obsolete now
This new world of smart devices and the "Internet of Things" is a far cry from the past where anti-virus applications were the only way to keep hackers out. Now, such software is child's play for those eager to get a hold of our information. IOT will make systems more intelligent, programmed and everything that is intelligent will be personalized. Many IoT based services will behave differently based on who's there. Facial recognition has been most common way to identify and recognize someone. Even today, no one is completely identical and God has made all of us different...

Is your analytics strategy ready for the IoT data deluge?  
Is your analytics strategy ready for the IoT data deluge?
A recent report by Gartner shows that 50% of the businesses would integrate IoT systems in some form or manner, by the year 2020. This means, businesses would have access to a loT more data, at an unprecedentedly faster clip! And it is not just about scale. The variety of data being generated by the integrated IoT devices and sensors, mean that, traditional analytics approaches, need a relook. Talking from an analytics perspective, here are a few things that make it a lot more interesting and challenging...



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