List of Participants
Dig deep into the world of IoT with the premiere industry platform to share and discuss leading-edge research and technological advances. The IoT India expo enables organizations to foray into a new world of digital transformation. With 13000 attendees, 600 exhibitors and 250 speakers from the globe, scale your business to new heights by exploring unparalleled knowledge, business trends and cutting-edge tech solutions.
Name Country Hall Booth Sector
2N Czech Republic D320 IT & Communications
42 Gears India D221 IT & Communications
99 Electrical World India B316 Media Partner
99 Electronics World India Media Partner
99Autoflash India Media Partner
A&T Video Networks Pvt Ltd India C34 IoT & Embedded Tech
A.S. Technologies India A315 Mobile Devices & Accessories
AAA Rental LLP India D223 IT & Communications
Aabsys Information Technology Private Limited India C45 IoT & Embedded Tech
Aakhyam Media Pvt. Ltd. India P105 Startup
Aarvi Trade Solution LLP. India B313 IoT & Embedded Tech
Aavishakar Media India Media Partner
Aavritii Interconnect Pvt. Ltd. India D240 IT & Communications
AbracaDabra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India P50 Startup
ABS Impex India C326 IoT & Embedded Tech
Acceleron Labs Pvt Ltd India P67 Startup
Acceron Infosol Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D201 IoT & Embedded Tech
Access365 India 5 D336 Broadcast and Satcom
Accura Technolabs Private Limited India C95 IoT & Embedded Tech
ACE Electronics India A190 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Ace Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd. India D242 Broadcast and Satcom
ACE Update(I-Tec Media Pvt  Ltd) India  E305 Media Partner
ACT Sensors Private Limited India E293 Water & CleanTech
Adhi Software Pvt Ltd India C300 IoT & Embedded Tech
Aditya Infotech Ltd. India D32 IT & Communications
Advance Water Digest Pvt Ltd India Media Partner
Advantal Technologies Private Limited India C 119 IoT & Embedded Tech
Advika Web Developments Hosting Pvt Ltd India P66 Startup
Aero Telcom Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India P9 Startup
Aerobits Developers Pvt. Ltd. India P85 Startup
Agamin Innovations Pvt Ltd India C279 IoT & Embedded Tech
AHAsolar Technologies Limited India E197 Smart Energy
Ahex Technologies India P45 Startup
AIRA India C265B IoT & Embedded Tech
Airtel Payments Bank Limited India 3 B200 FinTech
Aizawl Smart City Limited India E341 Smart City
AJAH Technologies India 2 A305 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Akiko Sherman Infotech Pvt Ltd India C292 IoT & Embedded Tech
Aksharlogic Systems Pvt Ltd India P8 Startup
Akuvox Networks Pvt Ltd China D320 IT & Communications
ALGcom Indústria e Serviços em Telecomunicações Ltda Brazil D362 IT & Communications
Align Info Solutions Pvt Ltd India B-266 IoT & Embedded Tech
AlignMinds Technologies Pvt Ltd India C289 IoT & Embedded Tech
ALitech India LLP. India 5 D72 Broadcast and Satcom
All India Aavishkar Dish Antenna Sangh India D261 Supporting Association
All India Association of Industries India Supporting Association
Alliance Infotech Pvt. Ltd. India D546 IT & Communications
Allied Infoservices Pvt Ltd India C290 IoT & Embedded Tech
Allways Creative Pvt. Ltd. India A208 IT & Communications
Alpha Bridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 5 P134 Startup
Alpha IT Systems India C50 IoT & Embedded Tech
Alphageek Enterprises Private Limited India P121 Startup
Alwazo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India E144 Water & CleanTech
Aman Engineering Works (Kranti Engg.) India E170 Water & CleanTech
Amazon India A251 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Ambula India P98 Startup
Amity University, Noida India Startup
Amity University, Noida India Startup
Amzetta Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D493 IT & Communications
Anant Enterprises India C152 IoT & Embedded Tech
Anantadi Tech Private Limited India P61 Startup
Anonet Communications Pvt. Ltd. India D425 IT & Communications
Antriksh Digital Solution LLP India 5 D245 Broadcast and Satcom
Anu Enterprises India 5 D486 IT & Communications
Apextronic India Private Limited India C92 IoT & Embedded Tech
Appitsimple Technologies LLP India B215 FinTech
AppSquadz Software Pvt. Ltd. India 4 C181 Broadcast and Satcom
Appstean Infotech Private Limited India C281 IoT & Embedded Tech
Appzlogic Mobility Solutions Pvt Ltd India C144 IoT & Embedded Tech
Apt Software Avenues Pvt Ltd India C147 IoT & Embedded Tech
Aria Telecom Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D286 IT & Communications
Arihant Communication India A293 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Arkellis India P92 Startup
Arminta Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B277 IoT & Embedded Tech
Arycom LLP India 4 C20 Broadcast and Satcom
Ashirvad Pipes Pvt Ltd India E122 Water & CleanTech
Ashtel Group India 2 A10 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) South Korea Supporting Association
Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA) Hong Kong Supporting Association
Asia Video Industry Association (previously CASBAA) Hong Kong Supporting Association
Asianet Gold India 5 D527 IT & Communications
Association of Geospatial Industries (AGI) India Supporting Association
Association of State Road Transport Undertakings India Supporting Association
Astral Limited India E161 Water & CleanTech
astTECS Communications Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D203 IT & Communications
ATC Energies System Private Limited India E43 Smart Energy
ATEME SA France 4 C1 Broadcast and Satcom
Atlanta System Pvt. Ltd. India C157 IoT & Embedded Tech
ATMT Armenia B40 IT & Communications
Atomic North Pvt. Ltd. India B193 FinTech
Atreyo Research & Development LLP India B310 IoT & Embedded Tech
Attero Recycling Pvt. Ltd. India A318 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Ltd India E319 Smart City
AutoEVtimes India Media Partner
Avcom of Virginia United States D400 Broadcast and Satcom
Avi Soft India C89 IoT & Embedded Tech
Avis Visiontech Pvt. Ltd. India C214 IT & Communications
AVSS Polychem Pvt. Ltd. India 2 A205 Mobile Devices & Accessories United Kingdom D411 IT & Communications
B M Infotrade Pvt Ltd India C 137 IoT & Embedded Tech
Barcadly India 3 B273 FinTech
Bariflo Labs Pvt Ltd (Bariflo Cybernatics Private Limited) India P116 Startup
Batoi Systems Pvt Ltd India C142 IoT & Embedded Tech
BAXY Limited India E14 Water & CleanTech
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT India C-103A IoT & Embedded Tech
BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D221 IT & Communications
Bee Smart City Germany Media Partner
Beetel India India B150 IT & Communications
Beijing Orient View Technology Co.,Ltd China D160 Broadcast and Satcom
Belagavi Smart City Limited India E356 Smart City
Benison Technologies Pvt. Ltd. & Nirad India D412 IT & Communications
Bestor India Pvt. Ltd. India A288 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Bhagalpur Smart City Ltd India E342 Smart City
Bharat Broadband Network Ltd. (BBNL) India 5 D290 IT & Communications
Bharat ICT Pvt. Ltd. India B182 IT & Communications
Binimise Labs Pvt Ltd India P99 Startup
Bio-Aryavedic Naturals Pvt Ltd India P79 Startup
Birbal AI Tech Pvt. Ltd. India P106 Startup
BIS Infotech India A192 Media Partner
Bison Router India PoD Startup
Bitcoinist India Media Partner
Bitdefender India D221 IT & Communications
Bits And Byte IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd. India D444 IT & Communications
Bivastra Textiles Private Limited India P34 Startup
Bizbrolly Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India C 115 IoT & Embedded Tech
BK Enterprises India A144 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Blockchain Council India Media Partner
Blockopedia India Media Partner
bluCursor Infotech Pvt ltd India P24 Startup
Blue Copper Technologies Pvt Ltd India B268 IoT & Embedded Tech
Blue Planet Environmental Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. India E115 Water & CleanTech
Bluechip Cares Private Limited India P132 Startup
Blue-V Innovation India 2 A300 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Boxtron India 2 A273 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Brainium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd India C277 IoT & Embedded Tech
Brandworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A223 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Brenin Technologies Private Limited India P35 Startup
BridgeVoice India D525 IT & Communications
British Virgin Islands Hong Kong Office Ltd. Hong Kong 3 B209 FinTech
Broadpeak SA France 4 C172 Broadcast and Satcom
Builders Association of India(BAI) India Supporting Association
Business Labs Internet Servie Llp India C278 IoT & Embedded Tech
Business Outreach India Media Partner
BVI Finance Hong Kong B209 FinTech
Calcom Vision Ltd India C271 IoT & Embedded Tech
Can & Able Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D249 IoT & Embedded Tech
Canara Bank India B257 FinTech
C-Disc Technologies Llp India P96 Startup
CEAT Limited India E251 Smart Mobility
Ceeco Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D467 Broadcast and Satcom
Ceir Mobility Pvt Ltd India P137 Startup
CEITA Communications Technology Co. Ltd. India D235 IT & Communications
Central Electronics Ltd India D241 IT & Communications
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) India C70-I IoT & Embedded Tech
Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DoT) India D170 IT & Communications
Centre For Railway Information Systems (CRIS) India D547 IT & Communications
Ceylon Institute Of Builders Sri Lanka Supporting Association
CFAUS India,Social Service Private Limited India P36 Startup
Champion India A252 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Champion Infratech Pvt. Ltd. India E17 Building & Infra Tech
Champion Semiconductor LLP India 3 B166 IoT & Embedded Tech
Chandigarh Smart City Limited India E318 Smart City
Checkbox Technology Private Limited India C283 IoT & Embedded Tech
Cherise India Private Limited India B30 IoT & Embedded Tech
Chiacon Consulting Private Limited India C127 IoT & Embedded Tech
ChipQuip India Media Partner
Chirag Techno Electricals Co. India D431 IoT & Embedded Tech
Cidroy Technologies Llp India P59 Startup
Cimcon Software India Pvt Ltd India E309 Smart Tech
CIOTechOutlook (Previously CIO Review India)  India Media Partner
Civic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India E243 Smart Tech
Clairifier Ecobreath Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 5 P112 Startup
Click And Create Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B191 FinTech
Click Mecha India P104 Startup
Climai Cleantech Pvt Ltd India P77 Startup
Cloud Infotech Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D350 IT & Communications
Cloudstok Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 5 P103 Startup
CMAI Association of India India Supporting Association
Code Ethics India P40 Startup
Codefork Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India B219 FinTech
Codelogicx Technologies Pvt Ltd India P47 Startup
Codezee Solutions Pvt Ltd India C299 IoT & Embedded Tech
Cohesive Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D320 IT & Communications
Coin Gape India Media Partner
CoinPedia United States Media Partner
Commscope India 5 D420 IT & Communications
Communications Today India D423 Media Partner
Competenza Innovare Pvt. Ltd. India C321 IoT & Embedded Tech
Compliance International Private Limited India D421 IT & Communications
Compucover East Pvt Ltd. India C264 IoT & Embedded Tech
Comtech Digitronics Pvt Ltd India 4 C210 IT & Communications
Construction & Architecture Update -ERA Fame Media India Media Partner
Construction Mirror India Media Partner
Construction View India Media Partner
CoreIoT Technologies India P136 Startup
Corover Private Limited India PoD Startup
Corporate Gifts Association Of India India Supporting Association
Corsight Ai India E254 Smart Tech
Cosmic Healers Pvt. Ltd. India E113 Water & CleanTech
CPI; aka Communications & Power Industries United States 4 C5 Broadcast and Satcom
CRC India Manufacturing And Distributors Pvt. Ltd India C258 IoT & Embedded Tech
Cred India A251 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Crmtiger Technologies Llp India P41 Startup
Crowdpouch Ventures Services Pvt. Ltd. India 5 PoD Startup
CryptoNewsZ India Media Partner
CtrlS Datacenters Ltd. India 5 D370 IT & Communications
Custom Layer India A233 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Custom Wraps India India 5 D180 IT & Communications
CyberData Corporation United States D320 IT & Communications
Cyfuture India Pvt. Ltd. India D426 IT & Communications
Cynoteck Technology Solutions India C160 IoT & Embedded Tech
Dale Vihari Trips Private Limited India P88 Startup
Damson Technology Pvt. Ltd. (Just Corseca) India 2 A110 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Data Security Council of India India PoD-4 Startup
Dataflakes innnovations Pvt ltd India P26 Startup
Datag Inc. Japan P135 Startup
Datalink Industrial Corporation India C86 IoT & Embedded Tech
DBLB TECH India B319 IT & Communications
DCNET Solutions India Pvt Ltd India 5 D135 IT & Communications
DE-CIX Interwire Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D488 IT & Communications
Dehradun Smart City Limited India E304 Smart City
Delhi Mobile Traders Association (DMTA) India A142 Supporting Association
Dell Technologies India D280 IoT & Embedded Tech
Delta Systech (India) Pvt Ltd India C131 IoT & Embedded Tech
Department of Science & Technology India PoD Startup
Devian Electronics Private Limited India E194 Smart Energy
Device Next India A143 Media Partner
Devicemax India D253 Mobile Devices & Accessories India P28 Startup
Dexter Ventures Pvt. Ltd. India A236 Mobile Devices & Accessories
DFI Taiwan B158 IoT & Embedded Tech
DG Dhan Guard Pvt. Ltd. India P13 Startup
Dhani Industrial Corporation India A209 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Dhanuka Electrotech Private Limited India E301 Smart Mobility
Dhruv communication India A115 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Dialtronics Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D325 IT & Communications
DigiCert Inc United States B335 IT & Communications
Digisol Systems Ltd India 5 D474 IT & Communications
Digital Edge India Media Partner
Digital Infrastructure Providers Association India Supporting Association
Digital Lenders Association of India (DLAI) India Supporting Association
Digital Terminal India B81 Media Partner
Digital World India 5 D558 IT & Communications
Digitup Solutions Private Limited India C118 IoT & Embedded Tech
Dimension Next Infocom Pvt. Ltd. India A252 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Dinstar China D350 IT & Communications
Directorate of Industries Uttaranchal Dehradun (Startup Uttarakhand) India PoD-6 Startup
DNS Overseas India B336 IoT & Embedded Tech
Dochshifter India D221 IT & Communications
Donguan Kurui Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. China 2 A291 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Dreamcom Infosys Pvt. Ltd. India D224 IT & Communications
Dron Edge India Pvt Ltd India 5 D10 IT & Communications
DrPashu AI Technologies Pvt Ltd India P37 Startup
DTC Infotech Private Limited India C112 IoT & Embedded Tech
Duco Consultancy Pvt Ltd India C125 IoT & Embedded Tech
Dynalog India Ltd. India 3 B158 IoT & Embedded Tech
E I Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. India C 132 IoT & Embedded Tech
Eagle Photonics Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D515 IT & Communications
Ease of doing India Supporting Association
Easedementia Technologies Pvt Ltd India P93 Startup
East Photonics, Inc. South Korea D545 IT & Communications
École Intuit Lab India B318 Digital Gaming India
EdCIL (India) Limited India D541 IT & Communications
Egniol Services Pvt. Ltd. India B282 IoT & Embedded Tech
Egnoto Technologies Llp India C254 IoT & Embedded Tech
Ehoome IoT Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D393 IT & Communications
EIZO Japan D550 IT & Communications
Eko Solutions Inc ( Tata Power Renewable Energy ) India B245 IoT & Embedded Tech
Elastic Data Centers (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. India C220 IT & Communications
ELCIA Cluster India C70-E IoT & Embedded Tech
Electric Mobility Financiers Association of India(EMFAI) India Supporting Association
Electrical & Power Info - ERA Fame Media India Media Partner
Electrical Interior – Space Media Publication India E314 Media Partner
Electrical Mirror India Media Partner
Electro Bits (Digi Electro Media) India Media Partner
Electronic Maker India Media Partner
Electronics City Industries Association (ELCIA) India C70 IoT & Embedded Tech
Electronics Era India Media Partner
Electronics Media (Digi Electro Media) India Media Partner
Electronics Sector Skills Council of India India D440,D439 IoT & Embedded Tech
Elin Electronics Ltd. India C98 IoT & Embedded Tech
Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D202 IT & Communications
Elogic Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B325 IoT & Embedded Tech
Elysion Networks Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D496 IT & Communications
Embarc Information Technology Private Limited India C150 IoT & Embedded Tech
End Point Protector India D221 IT & Communications
Energetica India  E346 Media Partner
Enertrak Instrument Private Limited India C120 IoT & Embedded Tech India Pvt. Ltd. India B60 IoT & Embedded Tech
Engineering And Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India E114 Water & CleanTech
Enpass Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D524 FinTech
Enterprise Armenia Armenia B40 IT & Communications
Envipure Solution India E169 Water & CleanTech
Epicenter Technologies Pvt. Ltd India B247 IoT & Embedded Tech
EPR (I-Tec Media Pvt  Ltd) India Media Partner
EPVI New Technological Epoch Pvt. Ltd India PoD Startup
Epygi Technologies, LLC United States D320 IT & Communications
EQ International India Media Partner
Esconet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B170 IT & Communications
Escort Sensors Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B290 IoT & Embedded Tech
ESSPL India C45 IoT & Embedded Tech
EV Mechanica India Media Partner India Media Partner
Events For Gamers United States Media Partner
Evermore Electrotech LLP India A270 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Exatron Servers Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. India D232 IT & Communications
Excelgens Consulting Services India Pvt. Ltd. India B144 IT & Communications
Extrava Studytours pvt. ltd. India P113 Startup
Extreme Labs India Pvt Ltd India 5 D300 IT & Communications
Ezeekart Creation LLP India 2 A251 Mobile Devices & Accessories
FabHR Solution Private Limited India P25 Startup
Faridabad Smart City Limited India E345 Smart City
Febno Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India P87 Startup
Federation of Electric Vehicles Association(FEVA) India Supporting Association
Festum Evento Pvt. Ltd. India B212 FinTech
FIBOCOM China D496 IT & Communications
Ficer Technology Co. Ltd. Taiwan D498 IT & Communications
Fidel Softech Ltd. India C260 IoT & Embedded Tech
Fies Systems Pvt Ltd India C145 IoT & Embedded Tech
Final Code India D221 IT & Communications
Financial IT United Kingdom Media Partner
Fintech Association for Consumer Empowerment India Supporting Association
Fintech Watch India Media Partner
Firmsap Rental LLP. India 5 P146 Startup
Firstouch Solutions Private Limited India E15 Smart Tech
Fischer Measurement Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B140 IoT & Embedded Tech
Flux motors private limited India P95 Startup
Force Identification Private Limited India B301 IoT & Embedded Tech
Foundation For Innovation & Research in Science & Technology India PoD Startup
Foxit India D221 IT & Communications
Fracto Ventures Pvt. Ltd India D262 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Fresher Profiles Pvt. Ltd. India P29 Startup
Fuel Enterprises India 2 A256 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Furious Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India D434 IT & Communications
Future Hub India 2 A215 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Game Developers Network (GDN) United Kingdom Media Partner
GameCloud Technologies Pvt Ltd India 3 B132 Digital Gaming India
Gamerz Terminal India Media Partner
Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya and CSIR-CSMCRI India Startup
GauravGo Games Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India P97 Startup
Gautam Solar Pvt. Ltd. India E196 Smart Energy
GCT Technologioes Pvt Ltd India B199 FinTech
GEESESQUADS LLP India C307 IoT & Embedded Tech
Gigatel Solutions Pvt Ltd India 5 D84 IT & Communications
Global Alliances India Media Partner
Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade (GCPIT) India Supporting Association
Global Electronics India E241 Smart Energy
Global Founders India Media Partner
Global Investment Impact Alliance (GIIA) Singapore Supporting Association
Global Satellite Operators Association (GSOA) (Previously Global VSAT Forum) United States Supporting Association
Global Water Intelligence United Kingdom Media Partner
GoBrisk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 5 P145 Startup
Gohemp Agro Ventures Private Limited India P131 Startup
Golden Eagle IT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India B145 IoT & Embedded Tech
Goldi Sun Private Limited India E191 Smart Energy
Gospell Digital Technology Co. Ltd. China D245 Broadcast and Satcom
GP NET INDIA Pvt. Ltd. India D506 IT & Communications
Grandstream United States D350 IT & Communications
Grandstream Networks, Inc. United States D320 IT & Communications
Grandstream Networks, Inc. United States D362 IT & Communications
Grandway Testing Instruments India Private Limited India D260 IT & Communications
Grayline Medical Private Limited India C157 IoT & Embedded Tech
Green Waves Environmental Solutions India E159 Water & CleanTech
Greenads Global India P122 Startup
Greenko Brand - (VIS Building Materials Trading UAE) UAE E117 Water & CleanTech
GreenQuantech_H2@BHU India Startup
Grus & Grade Pvt Ltd India P53 Startup
GTPL Hathway Ltd. India 5 D62 Broadcast and Satcom
Guardian Telecom Canada D320 IT & Communications
Gulfsat Communications Co. Kuwait 3 B20 IoT & Embedded Tech
GX India Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D381 IT & Communications
HanuAI Pvt Ltd India P54 Startup
Haoda Payment Solutions India 3 B2 FinTech
Happiness Under Budget Retail pvt ltd India P142 Startup
HarSar Innovations Pvt Ltd India P52 Startup
Harsh Future Communications India 5 D334 IT & Communications
Haryana State Industrial & Development Corporation Limited (HSIIDC) India E303 Smart City
HashStudioz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India B296 IoT & Embedded Tech
Helmsman (India) Quality & Technology India C-103 IoT & Embedded Tech
Hepmade Solutions Pvt. Ltd India B246 IoT & Embedded Tech
Hi.Bionic.Hand Armenia B40 IT & Communications
Hical Technologies Private Limited India C70-F IoT & Embedded Tech
Hindsiam Protective Equipments LLP India A220 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Hindustan Media Ventures Ltd. India D24 IT & Communications
Hire An Hour - Ilashbati Services Pvt Ltd India P114 Startup
Hisense China D350 Broadcast and Satcom
Hi-Tech Industry India D413 IT & Communications
Hiteshi Infotech Private Limited India C139 IoT & Embedded Tech
HNH Market Research Private Limited India C50 IoT & Embedded Tech
HoduSoft Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D495 IT & Communications
HOGE Technology Co.,Ltd(A Ray) China D252 IT & Communications
Host Book Limited India C319 IoT & Embedded Tech
Hoverene Aerospace Pvt Ltd India P138 Startup
HP Enterprise India D280 IT & Communications
Huawei China D350 IT & Communications
Hyundai Motor India Limited India B82 Smart Mobility
i5 Systems Pvt. Ltd. India B340 IoT & Embedded Tech
iAMPS&Hz Technology Solutions Pvt Limited India P55 Startup
IBI Group India Pvt. Ltd. India E101 Smart Mobility
Ideastack Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India C227 IT & Communications
Identicube LLP India P17 Startup
IDT Domestic Telecom United States D366 IT & Communications
IEMA Research & Development Pvt. Ltd. India B194 IoT & Embedded Tech
iGear Tech Pvt. Ltd. India 2 A160 Mobile Devices & Accessories
IGZY India D253 IoT & Embedded Tech
IGZY Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India D253 IoT & Embedded Tech
IHFC, TiH @ IIT Delhi India Startup
IIT-M & Ashok Leyland India Startup
IIT-M & Ashok Leyland India Startup
Imphal Smart City Limited India E310 Smart City
Inceptial Technology Pvt Ltd India C 265A IoT & Embedded Tech
Incubation Centre IIT Patna India PoD Startup
Indi Energy India Startup
India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) India Supporting Association
India Energy Storage Alliance(IESA) India Supporting Association
Indian Association for Air Pollution Control India Supporting Association
Indian Space Association (ISpA) India Supporting Association
Indo Asia Plastics India E306 Building & Infra Tech
Indore Smart City Development Limited India E350 Smart City
Indus Net Technologies Ltd. India 3 B211 FinTech
Indus Technologies India B167 IoT & Embedded Tech
Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India D466 IT & Communications
Inference Labs Pvt. Ltd. India P6 Startup
Infinita Biotech Private Limited India P129 Startup
InfoBit Inc India 5 D355 IT & Communications
Infopower Technologies Private Limited India C154 IoT & Embedded Tech
Infraware Inc. South Korea B320 IT & Communications
Ingram Micro India Pvt. Ltd. India B113 IoT & Embedded Tech
Inland Waterways Authority of India India E158 Water & CleanTech
INNO South Korea D350 IT & Communications
InnoPhase IoT India Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B167 IoT & Embedded Tech
Innotech Advance Machines Pvt Ltd India 2 A60 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Innovate Labs Pvt. Ltd. India P30 Startup
Innvocon Learning Solutions Private Limited India P117 Startup
InPlay Inc. United States 3 B272 IT & Communications
Instantpay India Ltd. India 3 B220 FinTech
Integerspin Pvt. Ltd. India P109 Startup
Integral Infotech India P108 Startup
Integrand Technologies Private Limited India E244 Smart Energy
Integrated Battries Pvt. Ltd. India C121 IoT & Embedded Tech
Intellewings Private Limited India P56 Startup
INTERMOBILITY Russia E31 Smart Mobility
International Virtual Assistance Pvt Ltd India P127 Startup
INTERVAL India P128 Startup
Invendis Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. India B258 IoT & Embedded Tech
Invest Bihar - Director of Industries India C268 IoT & Embedded Tech
Invest Punjab India D539 IT & Communications
Invimatic Technologies Private Limited India C318 IoT & Embedded Tech
Invincible Ocean Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B190 FinTech
Inxee Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B270 IoT & Embedded Tech
IONICKS India B299 IoT & Embedded Tech
IoTExpress Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India B298 IoT & Embedded Tech
IP Infusion Inc. United States D245 IT & Communications
IPACCT Support Pvt Ltd India 5 D72 IT & Communications
Irin AI Private Limited India P51 Startup
Iris Global India B150 IT & Communications
Ishan Netsol Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D340 IT & Communications
IT Eye Business Solutions India B255 IoT & Embedded Tech
Itemperance Consulting Pvt Ltd India C30 IoT & Embedded Tech
ITI Ltd. India D16 IT & Communications
ITP Software India Pvt. Ltd. India D542 IT & Communications
ITU-APT Foundation of India India Supporting Association
Jagannath Engineering Maritime Services Pvt Ltd India P115 Startup
Janitor Network Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D494 IT & Communications
Jayani Technologies LLP. India D360 Broadcast and Satcom
Jaymit Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. India D550 IT & Communications
Jaze Networks Pvt Ltd India 5 D485 IT & Communications
JNR Management Resources Pvt. Ltd. India B335 IoT & Embedded Tech
Joon Corporation Pvt. Ltd. India 5 P133 Startup
Josh Software Pvt Ltd India C128 IoT & Embedded Tech
JRS Global Networks Pvt Ltd India 5 D450 IT & Communications
JS Institute of Design India B318 Digital Gaming India
JSD Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. India B328 IoT & Embedded Tech
JSW Cement Ltd. India E120 Building & Infra Tech
JT Mobility Pvt. Ltd. India D360A Broadcast and Satcom
JV Micronics India 5 D410 IT & Communications
K One Ventures India C325 IoT & Embedded Tech
Kamax Optic Communication India (KOC India) India 4 C170 IT & Communications
Kanpur Smart City Limited India E348 Smart City
KAPAVER India 2 A7 Mobile Devices & Accessories
KAV Enterprises India D486 IT & Communications
Kaynes Technology India Limited India C65 IoT & Embedded Tech
Keith Electronics Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D465 IT & Communications
Kerala Startup Mission India PoD Startup
Keysystems, LTD Russia E31 Smart Tech
KGraph AI Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B134 IoT & Embedded Tech
KMTS Engineering Pvt Ltd India 5 D516 Broadcast and Satcom
KOC communication Co.,Ltd China C170 IT & Communications
Konze India Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D504 IT & Communications
Kosher Climate India Private Limited India E145 Water & CleanTech
KR Cables India D403 IT & Communications
Kritsnam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India E245 Water & CleanTech
KTC Impex India B244 IoT & Embedded Tech
Kymik Industries Pvt. Ltd. India E152 Water & CleanTech
Lamel Technology sp.Z.o.o Poland A262 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Landforce Infotech Solution India B314 IoT & Embedded Tech
Lantronix India Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B164 IoT & Embedded Tech
LAPCARE India 2 A140 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Lares.AI India P126 Startup
Law Qube Technologies India P83 Startup
Laxmi Remote India Pvt. Ltd. India 4 C12 IT & Communications
LDT Technology Pvt. Ltd. India 5 P148 Startup
Leeway Soft-Tech Pvt Ltd India B154 IoT & Embedded Tech
Legapreneur Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India P10 Startup
Lemon Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India P42 Startup
Lightron, Inc. South Korea D390 IT & Communications
Livebitcoinnews India Media Partner
Livefibre Connect Private Limited India E12 Water & CleanTech
Logic Fruits Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India C285 IoT & Embedded Tech
Loudoun County Economic Development India B240 IoT & Embedded Tech
Ludhiana Smart City Limited India E333 Smart City
Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India E41 Smart Energy
M/s. Urban Muse Pvt Ltd (Business Periscope) India P124 Startup
Madison World India B60 IT & Communications
Madurai Cable Connections Pvt. Ltd. India C215 Broadcast and Satcom
Mahindra India B120 Smart Mobility
Maksat Technologies Pvt Ltd India E116 Smart Tech
Man R Consulting Services India P62 Startup
Manav International India A250 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Mango IT Solutions India P46 Startup
Manodayam Private Limited India P49 Startup
Maple Software Private Limited India P64 Startup
Marivax LLP India 2 A278 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Markem-Imaje India Pvt. Ltd. India 2 A240 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Maruti India B70 Smart Mobility
Maxobull ASJS India Marketing India 2 A271 Mobile Devices & Accessories
M-Core Industries Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D315 IT & Communications
MDS Pacific India Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B321 IoT & Embedded Tech
Medu Armenia B40 IT & Communications
Meenakshi Polymers Pvt. Ltd. India E111 Building & Infra Tech
Mega Networks Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D358 IT & Communications
Megatel Networks Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D395 IT & Communications
Metafic India C309 IoT & Embedded Tech
Metaplast Engineering LLP India D514 IT & Communications
Metworks Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D270 IT & Communications
MG Motor India Pvt. Ltd India B80 Smart Mobility
Mibiz Knowledge Park Pvt Ltd India P89 Startup
MiCOB, TBI @ IIT Gandhinagar India Startup
Micromap Electronic Systems Private Limited India D254 IT & Communications
Microsoft United States B321 IoT & Embedded Tech
Microtek International Pvt Ltd India E181 Smart Energy
Microvillage Communications Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D470 IT & Communications
MIKROTIK Latvia D220 IT & Communications
MikroTik Slovakia D355 IT & Communications
Mimosa Networks, Inc. United States D362 IT & Communications
Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia Armenia 3 B40 IoT & Embedded Tech
Miti Sphere Solutions Pvt Ltd India B249 IoT & Embedded Tech
Mlworkx Pvt. Ltd India B252 IoT & Embedded Tech
Mobatree Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. India 2 A130 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Mobile Street India A55 Mobile Devices & Accessories
MobileCoderz Technologies Pvt Ltd India C293 IoT & Embedded Tech
Mobilefirst Applications Pvt. Ltd India P57 Startup
Mobility India A139 Media Partner
Mobilla India A120 Mobile Devices & Accessories
MOBOTIX Germany D550 IT & Communications
Model Economic Township Ltd. (Reliance Met City Ltd) India E01 Smart City
Modish Tradex Pvt. Ltd. India 2 A100 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Mohan Electronics & Systems India 5 D335 IT & Communications
Monepeak Fintech Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B218 FinTech
Montage LZ Technologies (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. China D166 Broadcast and Satcom Armenia B40 IT & Communications
Mopoprint India A290 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Mouser Electronics Inc United States B167 IoT & Embedded Tech
MOX Electronics Pvt Ltd India 2 A277 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Moxa Inc Taiwan B158 IT & Communications
MP Industrial Development Corporation Limited India D365 IT & Communications
MP State Electronics Development Corporation ltd. India P23 Startup
Mrinq Tech(Spintly), TBI@ CIBA, Goa India Startup
MTI CONNECTECH PRIVATE LIMITED India A218 Mobile Devices & Accessories
MTI GLOBEX PRIVATE LIMITED India A218 Mobile Devices & Accessories
MTI Globex Pvt Ltd India 2 A218 Mobile Devices & Accessories
MultiVirt India Pvt. Ltd. India D411 IT & Communications
Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department India E311 Smart City
Music Champs India P14 Startup
Muvi Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. India 4 C180 Broadcast and Satcom
Myna Hemp Store Pvt Ltd India P119 Startup
Nabtech Trading Pvt. Ltd. India E132 Water & CleanTech
Nandyavart Consultancy Services India P58 Startup
Nashik Muncipal Smart City Development Corporation Limited India E323 Smart City
National Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Limited India E11 Smart City
National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) India D244 IT & Communications
National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) India Supporting Association
Naxtre Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India P16 Startup
Neeladri Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D391 Broadcast and Satcom
Negotrip Private Limited India PoD Startup
Nelito Systems Pvt. Ltd. India B214 FinTech
Nellikka complete solutions pvt ltd India P123 Startup
Nemko India (Test Lab) Pvt. Ltd. India C226 IT & Communications
Neo San Private Limited India E16 Water & CleanTech
Neosoft Pvt. Ltd. India C294 IoT & Embedded Tech
Neoway Technology Co., Ltd. China 3 B160 IoT & Embedded Tech
Nestocast Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 4 C175 Broadcast and Satcom
Net0link AI India P71 Startup
Netlink ICT Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D414 IT & Communications
New Delhi Municipal Council India E358 Smart City
New Town Kolkata Green Smart City Corporation Ltd India E343 Smart City
New Vision Display India C255 IoT & Embedded Tech
NewsBTC India Media Partner
Nex News India Media Partner
Nichi-In Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India C295 IoT & Embedded Tech
nidakart India Startup
Nirwana Micro Systems India C136 IoT & Embedded Tech
Nissin Kasei Co. Ltd Japan D292 IT & Communications
Niveosys Technologies Pvt Ltd India P81 Startup
Nivida Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India C126 IoT & Embedded Tech
Northstar Technologies Inc India D441 IoT & Embedded Tech
NOTINLINE India P141 Startup
NTT Advanced Technology Corporation Japan 5 D506 IT & Communications
Nudron IoT Solutions LLP. India B300 IoT & Embedded Tech
Oizom Instruments Pvt. Ltd. India E246 Smart Tech
Omdisha Healthcare Technologies Private Limited India PoD Startup
Omnicomm Fuel Monitoring Technologies India Pvt Ltd India E252 Smart Mobility
On My Own Technology Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B162 IoT & Embedded Tech
One IP Events & Marketing India 5 D279 IT & Communications
Onetake Films Private Limited India P120 Startup
Onics Resistors Private Limited India C146 IoT & Embedded Tech
Onnet Systems India Pvt. Ltd. India C211 Broadcast and Satcom
OpticVyu India E242 Smart Tech
Optilink Networks Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D480 IT & Communications
OPTIVISION India D335 IT & Communications
Oracle India C177 IT & Communications
O'Reilly United States 5 D528 IT & Communications
Original Products Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D505 IT & Communications
Orion Score Corporation Armenia B40 IT & Communications
Ospot Consulting India 5 P101 Startup
Osrim Manufacturing & Innovations Pvt. Ltd. India D526 IoT & Embedded Tech
Paessler AG Germany D201 IT & Communications
Pankhtech India Pvt. Ltd. India P15 Startup
Paramount communications Ltd. India 5 D402 IT & Communications
Paramount Products India A50 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Parkhya Solutions P. Ltd. India C314 IoT & Embedded Tech
Patna Smart City Limited India E308 Smart City
PCA Global Associates India C325 IoT & Embedded Tech
PCON Utilities Pvt Ltd (Pinnacle Consulting LLC) India C45 IoT & Embedded Tech
Personal Air Quality Systems Private Limited (PAQS) India C70-A IoT & Embedded Tech
Phoenix Tenchno Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 5 P147 Startup
Phonepe Pvt. Ltd. India B195 FinTech
Picasoid Health Technology Pvt. Ltd India P68 Startup
Pimpri Chinchwad Smart City Limited India E302 Smart City
Pinetics Private Limited India C256 IoT & Embedded Tech
Pitangent Analytics & Technology Solutions Private Limited India P60 Startup
PlanetHub MultiCorp Pvt. Ltd. India 5 P1 Startup
Poly Pack India A35 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Potron China D258 IT & Communications
Power Connect India India E192 Smart Tech
Power Grid Corporation Of India Ltd. India D150 IT & Communications
Powermax Electronics India C286 IoT & Embedded Tech
PPC Broadband United States D245 IT & Communications
PPI Inc. South Korea 5 D422 IT & Communications
Prakash Chand Prem Chand Jain India 2 A205 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Prakat Solutions Pvt Ltd India C138 IoT & Embedded Tech
Pranathi Software Services Pvt Ltd India C55 IoT & Embedded Tech
Pratri Pvt Ltd India P139 Startup
Presage Insights Pvt Ltd India B252 IoT & Embedded Tech
Printsec Private Limited India P43 Startup
ProcessMAP India Private Limited India C45 IoT & Embedded Tech
Product Compliance Services India 2 A242 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Proeffico Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B281 IoT & Embedded Tech
Pro-Kab Technologies India 5 D544 IT & Communications
Prospex Network Pvt Ltd India P18 Startup
Protonix Fortuner India Pvt Ltd India C301 IoT & Embedded Tech
PsiBorg Technologies Pvt Ltd India 3 B271 IoT & Embedded Tech
Punjab Information & Communication Technology Corpn Ltd India D540 Startup
Q3 Technologies India C106 IoT & Embedded Tech
QLO Networks Pvt. Ltd. India D78 IT & Communications
Quadleo Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd. India P125 Startup
Qualimatrix Technologies India C100 IoT & Embedded Tech
Qualysec Technologies Private Limited India P143 Startup
Quarks Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. India C176 IoT & Embedded Tech
RAC IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India D382 IT & Communications
Radel Electronics Pvt ltd India C70-H IoT & Embedded Tech
Railtel India D242 IT & Communications
Rain Maker Distribution Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B320 IoT & Embedded Tech
Raiwav Optp-Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd China D259 IT & Communications
Ranchi Smart City Corporation Ltd. India E330 Smart City
Rashi Peripherals Ltd. India 5 D285 IT & Communications
Razorcat Development Germany B340 IoT & Embedded Tech
Razorpay Software Private Limited India B8 FinTech
RDVW Satcom Solutions & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. India D400 Broadcast and Satcom
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Taiwan 4 C10 IT & Communications
REC Limited India E185 Smart Energy
Rectus India India D362 IT & Communications
Redington Limited India E250 Smart Energy
Redington Ltd India B138 Digital Gaming India
Regvector Sports & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India P4 Startup
ReliableSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D380 Broadcast and Satcom
Renewable Mirror India  E347 Media Partner
Renkube Private Limited India P130 Startup (A Unit of Omshreem Technologies Pvt Ltd) India E240 Building & Infra Tech
Reponic Enterprises India A319 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Resilient Innovations Private Limited India FinTech
RF Network Solutions India 5 D464 IT & Communications
RFPD United States B167 IT & Communications
Richa Global Sales India 2 A180 Mobile Devices & Accessories
RINGKE India 2 A7 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Riyadh Gaming India Expo UAE Event Partner
RLTech India Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D310 IT & Communications
Rohanta lnfra Solutions India E147 Water & CleanTech
Rostan Technologies Pvt Ltd India P38 Startup
Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye JSC Russia E31 Smart City
Rutakshi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India B208 FinTech
RV Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India D280 IT & Communications
Safetica India D221 IT & Communications
Sagar And Samant Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India P31 Startup
Sagar Smart City Limited India E339 Smart City
Saharanpur Smart City Limited India E349 Smart City
Sahasra Electronic Solutions Limited India C154 IoT & Embedded Tech
Sahasra Electronics Pvt. Ltd. India C154 IoT & Embedded Tech
Saimaa Technologies LLP. India 5 D130 Broadcast and Satcom
Salveo International Development India Pvt. Ltd. India A115 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Samco Flex Ducts Private Limited India E121 Building & Infra Tech
Samriddhi Automations Pvt, Ltd. India C60 IoT & Embedded Tech
San Telequip Pvt. Ltd. India B295 IoT & Embedded Tech
Sangoma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 4 C243 IT & Communications
Satellite@Internetindia India Media Partner
Satna Smart City Development Limited India E332 Smart City
Sberbank Branch in India India E31 Smart Tech
SBF Ispat Private Limited India E112 Building & Infra Tech
Scalable Systems Pvt Ltd India C45 IoT & Embedded Tech
Scoreme Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India B197 FinTech
Sea Infonet Pvt. Ltd. (Bytescreen Tech) India 5 P111 Startup
Security Link India India Media Partner
Security Software & Solutions LLP India P39 Startup
Sekisui Dljm Molding Private Limited India E160 Water & CleanTech
Semaconnect Charging Infra Private Limited India E193 Smart Mobility
Semiconic Devices Pvt. Ltd. India 2 A72 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Semita Technologies Private Limited India D259 IT & Communications
SenRa Tech Pvt. Ltd. India E182 Smart Tech
Sentientgeeks Software And Consultancy Pvt. Ltd India C148 IoT & Embedded Tech
Sequretek IT Solutions Private Limited India B269 IoT & Embedded Tech
SFO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D292 IT & Communications
SGS Chemicals Private Limited India E118 Water & CleanTech
Shanghai Grandway Telecom Tech Co.,Ltd China D260 IT & Communications
Shark Tech Industry India A259 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Shaurya Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. India D250 Digital Gaming India
Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. China 5 D288 IT & Communications
Shenzhen HS Fiber Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd China D169 IT & Communications
Shenzhen Jiayz Photo Industrial Ltd China A236 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric Co.,Ltd China C225 IT & Communications
Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co. Ltd China D52 Broadcast and Satcom
Shimla Smart City Limited India E357 Smart City
Shinsei Digital Technology India A210 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Shivaami Cloud Services Private Limited India B 242 IoT & Embedded Tech
Shivam Electronics India 5 D484 IT & Communications
Shivamogga Smart City Limited India E355 Smart City
Shubhalaxmi Future Solutions OPC P Ltd India P100 Startup
SIA Mikrotikls Latvia D362 IT & Communications
SiAIndia (Satcom Industry Association) India Supporting Association
Sibar Institute of Dental Sciences Guntur, AP India Startup
Sichuan Changhong Network Technologies Co.,Ltd China D140 Broadcast and Satcom
Silicon India India Media Partner
Silicon Signals Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B142 IoT & Embedded Tech
Silkee Electronics Pvt. Ltd India C70-C IoT & Embedded Tech
Singhtek India B1 & B7 FinTech
Sitronics Group Russia E31 Smart Mobility
Smaket Solutions pvt Ltd India P144 Startup
Smart Business Cards India B112 IoT & Embedded Tech
Smart City  Citizen Magazine India Media Partner
Smartbox E-Commerce Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India E148 Building & Infra Tech
SmartphoneCrunch Magazine India A75 Media Partner
Snom Technology GMBH Germany D320 IT & Communications
Snom Technology GmbH Germany D546 IT & Communications
Softcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 4 C177 IoT & Embedded Tech
Solwearth Ecotech Private Limited India P91 Startup
Som Imaging Informatics Pvt.Ltd. India C 83 IoT & Embedded Tech
Someshwara Software Pvt. Ltd. India D543 IT & Communications
Sophus Technosol Pvt. Ltd. India B152 IoT & Embedded Tech
South Asian Wireless Communication United Kingdom Media Partner
Spacecom Software LLP India 5 D497 IT & Communications
SPC Management Services FZC UAE D404 IT & Communications
Spider Software Pvt. Ltd. India B312 FinTech
SPM Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India B192 IT & Communications
Sportyfire Robotics India Pvt. Ltd. India A110 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Sri Bahubali Media Private Limited India PoD Startup
SS Teleoverseas Pvt Ltd India A254 Mobile Devices & Accessories
SSBRIGHT India 2 A30 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Stackcell Realty Technologies Private Limited (NHOMES) India P69 Startup
Starfish United Kingdom D411 Broadcast and Satcom
Startup Odisha India PoD Startup India Media Partner
State Bank of India India B256 FinTech
STC "Constructor Russia E31 Building & Infra Tech
Steel Authority of India Limited India E131 Building & Infra Tech
STM Brands India Pvt. Ltd. India A221 Mobile Devices & Accessories
STPI India B250 IoT & Embedded Tech
Stree Sanman Pvt. Ltd. India 5 P102 Startup
Sudarshan Pipes Extrusions Private Limited India E119 Water & CleanTech
Sunshine Electronics India D282 IT & Communications
Super Tspan Private Limited India E130 Building & Infra Tech
Superb Hygienic Disposals India Pvt. Ltd. India E165 Water & CleanTech
Supertron Electronics Pvt Ltd India 5 D285A IT & Communications
Surepass Technologies Private Limited India B196 FinTech
Suzami Tech Pvt Ltd. India P63 Startup
SV Tel, Delhi India D420 IT & Communications
Synamedia India Pvt. Ltd. India D45 Broadcast and Satcom
Synergy University Russia E31 Building & Infra Tech
Syrma SGS Technology Ltd. India C80 IoT & Embedded Tech
Syrotech India 5 D120 IT & Communications
Systrome Networks (INDIA) Pvt Ltd India 5 D42 IT & Communications
Talent Recruit Software Pvt. Ltd. India C288 IoT & Embedded Tech
Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd. India 3 B221 FinTech
Taskcraft Technologies Llp India C320 IoT & Embedded Tech
Tata Advanced Systems Ltd (TASL) India C70-D IoT & Embedded Tech
Team IHA LLP India D430 IT & Communications
Tebillion Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D401 IT & Communications
Tech Start Software Solutions Private Limited India PoD Startup
Tech2Globe Web Solutions LLP India B243 IoT & Embedded Tech
Techboxai Technologies Private Limited India PoD Startup
Techextensor Pvt Ltd India C274 IoT & Embedded Tech
Techinfy Solutions Private Limited India E340 Water & CleanTech
Techjet.Ai India C129 IoT & Embedded Tech
Techmezine(All About Electronics) India Media Partner
Technoduce Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India P12 IoT & Embedded Tech
Techwarium India Private Limited India B252 IoT & Embedded Tech
Techybex Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B319 IoT & Embedded Tech
TELECMI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India B156 IoT & Embedded Tech
Telecom Equipment Manufacturer Association(TEMA) India Supporting Association
Telecom Today India Media Partner
Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd. India D230 IT & Communications
Telekonnectors Ltd. India 5 D222 IT & Communications
Telit Communications Ltd. United Kingdom B130 IoT & Embedded Tech
Tesca Technologies Pvt Ltd India C150 IoT & Embedded Tech
Tescom Pvt Ltd India C70-B IoT & Embedded Tech
Tesquirel Solutions Private Limited India P44 Startup
TEXMiN, TiH, IIT ISM Dhanbad India Startup
Thansiv Technology Pvt Ltd India C287 IoT & Embedded Tech
Thatware India P110 Startup
The Blockopedia India Media Partner
The Finance World India Media Partner
The Government of Moscow Russia E31 Smart City
The Great Leaders India Media Partner
The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India India D15 IT & Communications
Think Future Technologies Pvt Ltd India C306 IoT & Embedded Tech
Tianzehua (HK) Industry Ltd. (HUAYUN) Hong Kong 5 D394 Broadcast and Satcom
Tiea Connectors Pvt. Ltd. India C143 IoT & Embedded Tech
Tikshark Solutions Pvt Ltd India P94 Startup
TimesTech India A191 Media Partner
Todo Sales India P80 Startup
Tonmind Technology Co Ltd United States D320 IT & Communications
Toolcom Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B275 IoT & Embedded Tech
Tornado Boom Business Solutions India B248 IoT & Embedded Tech
Tosh Innovations Pvt. Ltd. India B210 FinTech
Total Power Industry Pvt. Ltd. India 2 A170 Mobile Devices & Accessories
TP-Link India Private Limited India 5 D285 IT & Communications
Trade Association of Information Technology(TAIT) India Supporting Association
Tradefairtimes India Media Partner
Trading Reboot India 5 D220 IT & Communications
Tranquility Iot & Big Data Solutions India P82 Startup
Travidux Technologies Private Limited India P86 Startup
Triangle Innovation Pvt. Ltd. India P5 Startup
Triax UK Ltd. United Kingdom D245 Broadcast and Satcom
Trident Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B136 IoT & Embedded Tech
Triforce Consulting Services Pvt Ltd. India D442 IoT & Embedded Tech
T-Web Exponent Services Pvt. Ltd. India 5 P2 Startup
Tychepayment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 3 B213 FinTech
Ubidots United States PoD Startup
UBIQCOM India D350 IT & Communications
Ubiquiti India 5 D100 IT & Communications
Ubitech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India B198 FinTech
UBON India 2 A22 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Uffizio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India B181 IoT & Embedded Tech
Ufi Space Co. Ltd., Taiwan D245 IT & Communications
Ujjain Smart City India E331 Smart City
Ultra Digital Press India A290 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Unicel Corporation India 5 D200A IT & Communications
Universal Electronics India C291 IoT & Embedded Tech
Uniway Infocom India 5 D330 IT & Communications
UNVII IT Solutions Ltd. India C213 Broadcast and Satcom
UP Electronics Corporation Limited India B110 IT & Communications
Uptitude Cloud Private Limited India D-433 IoT & Embedded Tech
Urja Gasifiers Private Limited India E195 Smart Energy
Vaga Motors India P140 Startup
VarmTech LLC Armenia B40 IT & Communications
Varun Digital Media Solutions Pvt Ltd India C55 IoT & Embedded Tech
vConnect iDees Services India P7 Startup
Vedys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A258 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Velankani Electronics Private Limited India C70-G IoT & Embedded Tech Internetdienste GmbH Germany 3 B153 IoT & Embedded Tech
Velocity Engineers Pvt. Ltd. India A50 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Venturesathi Business Services LLP India C45 IoT & Embedded Tech
Vertel Infotel Pvt. Ltd. India D385 IT & Communications
Vertiv Energy Pvt. Ltd. India B330 IoT & Embedded Tech
Vincom IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India 2 A141 Startup
Vindaloo Softtech Private Limited India C327 IoT & Embedded Tech
Vinrox Technologies Llp India C297 IoT & Embedded Tech
Virtue Mind Pvt. Ltd. India P107 Startup
Visha World India C166 IoT & Embedded Tech
VisionLabs Russia E31 Smart Tech
Vismac Technologies LLP India A70 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Vitel Globalcommunications Pvt Ltd India C40 IoT & Embedded Tech
Vivaan Electronic Technology Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D332 IT & Communications
Viygr News India Media Partner
VMax e-Solutions India Pvt Ltd (WasteWyzERP ) India E312 Smart City
Vortex Infotech Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D295 IT & Communications
VP Broadband Pvt. Ltd. India D110 IT & Communications
Vyom Digital Services Private Limited India P48 Startup
Vyomsai Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India D245 IT & Communications
Wager International Pvt Ltd. India P84 Startup
Walkwel Technology Private Limited India P65 Startup
Water Age India  E123 Media Partner
WaterBot Online Solutions Pvt Ltd India P72 Startup
Wavesys IT Video Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 5 D392 IT & Communications
Weaverbird Engineering & Technology Pvt. Ltd. India C45 IoT & Embedded Tech
Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd. India C216 IT & Communications
Webcubator Technologies LLP India C135 IoT & Embedded Tech
Webixun infoways private limited India P118 Startup
Webyne inc. India 5 D90 IT & Communications
Wialon Lithuania B290 IoT & Embedded Tech
Wifisoft Services (Indio Networks) India 3 B150 IT & Communications
Windsor Cables Pvt. Ltd. India A268 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Wing Nexus Private Limited India C303 IoT & Embedded Tech
Wisepower Enterprise India Pvt. Ltd India 5 D508 IT & Communications
Wishtel Pvt. Ltd. India B280 IoT & Embedded Tech
WISI Germany D411 IT & Communications
Witmates Technologies India C275 IoT & Embedded Tech
WonderBotz India Private Limited India B-265 IoT & Embedded Tech
Woower India P78 Startup
World Teleport Association United States Supporting Association
Wyse Biometrics Systems Pvt. Ltd India C109 IoT & Embedded Tech
X2 Fuels & Energy Private Limited, TBI @ IIT Madras India Startup
XDB Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India D389 IoT & Embedded Tech
Xegal India Private Limited India A238 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Xloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India P32 Startup
Xtra G Club Private Limited India P90 Startup
YEA Engineering Armenia B40 IT & Communications
Yeastar Information Technology Co. Ltd China D320 IT & Communications
Yishion Impex (Indochin) India 2 A1 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Yoroto International India 2 A265 Mobile Devices & Accessories
YuDash Systems Pvt. Ltd. India 5 P3 Startup
YuppTV Digital India Pvt Ltd India 4 C244 Broadcast and Satcom
Yuzzit France D411 IT & Communications
Zaperon India D221 IT & Communications
Zefex Industries Private Limited India C164 IoT & Embedded Tech
Zeliant Retail Pvt. Ltd. India 2 A238 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Zenstack Private Limited India P27 Startup
Zhongtian International Limited China D251 IT & Communications
Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. India B51 FinTech
Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. India B50 IoT & Embedded Tech
Zoom Print India A233 Mobile Devices & Accessories
Government Support
Government of India
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  • Ministry of External Affairs
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
  • Ministry Of Heavy Industries
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
  • Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  • Ministry of Jal Sakti
  • Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
  • Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
  • Ministry of Science and Technology
Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation
Swachh Bharat Mission
Skill India