IoT India
07-09 July 2020
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

Is your analytics strategy ready for the IoT data deluge?

A recent report by Gartner shows that 50% of the businesses would integrate IoT systems in some form or manner, by the year 2020. This means, businesses would have access to a loT more data, at an unprecedentedly faster clip!

And it is not just about scale. The variety of data being generated by the integrated IoT devices and sensors, mean that, traditional analytics approaches, need a relook.

Talking from an analytics perspective, here are a few things that make it a lot more interesting and challenging:

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list; but I hope, it is indicative of the challenges and opportunities that come with increasing IoT integration. Asking these questions and answering them in the specific context of your business becomes crucial in framing the right analytics strategy and adopting the right bit of technology. And that’s precisely what we have been doing at BluePi, bringing people and innovation together, to solve complex business problems for our clients!

About the author-
A technology enthusiast at heart, in his short stint at BluePi, Gaurav has designed multiple products; putting his expertise in Javascript, Meteor, Elasticsearch and MongoDB to good use. In his current assignment, he’s entrusted with preparing Products-roadmap and go-to-market strategy for BluePi, helping it emerge as a leader in the technology space.

Under his leadership, BluePi has built a suite of custom products designed exclusively for Media & Entertainment businesses. The suite, piStats, takes care of all digital needs of a contemporary media & entertainment business. From a custom CMS, to immersive user experience via mobile & web applications, tools to manage digital assets, analytics and recommendations – piStats does it all.

Is your analytics strategy ready for the IoT data deluge?



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